Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 29 -- Kickoff!

Late January 2010 and I have played fifty games this year. True, a chunk are not more than five or ten minute dabbles in the browser, but fifty? By Day 29? It's blogging time!

This is an awesome time to be a gamer. Not only in the videogame sense that most folks use "gamer" for, but also board gaming is in a really good place. Fantasy Flight is turning out the most amazing board games since the days of Milton Bradley's GameMaster Series or The Dark Tower

I want to say, "I wish I was a child again," but I could never have afforded these beauties. I would really prefer to be Little Orphan Annie post hardknocks or maybe that kid from The Toy. 

Game of the Day: CRITTER CRUNCH
You are some sort of gerbil or something. Adorable! Look at this guy! He's got a big mouth, and a bigger heart. That last part might not be true--his mouth is huge. 

I first heard about the game from a review at Ars Technica, which included the cutest vomit video outside of... Hmm. I'll work that one out later.

This game is a PSN exclusive, so I played the game at tcrowe76's house. He got this one for $3.79 or something ridiculous. People buy coffees that cost more than that. The gameplay is pretty simple in the early goings. Eat bugs, spit them out to feed them to little critters, eat little critters, spit them out to feed slightly bigger critters, repeat. Kind of a Tetris riff. Feed something enough and it explodes dropping some nuggets or something. It's hard to pay attention when you just want to eat the whole game like a bag of Skittles. This is probably the cutest game I have ever played. And I've seen Nintendogs. You could play this with the kids.

Highly recommended, buy it here, I hope it makes Capy a zillion dollars.


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