Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feb 6 -- Fun for the whole family

"Fun for the whole family" is the selling point for a lot of games, but who believes that nonsense? I remember playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with my parents, but I'm pretty sure it was not the highlight of their evening. My mom, bless her, played at least one game of Shogun with me--look at the picture I have linked there. Shogun is game I can't convince adults to play with me now. Some games are for grown-ups, some games are for kids--but where are the games that are actually fun for the whole family?

Game of the Day: GULO GULO
A "Gulo" is a badger or wolverine or something. The games involves rescuing a baby Gulo from the vulture via an exchange--her precious purple egg for the baby! Take it or leave it you CRAZY VULTURE BITCH! Sorry, I get carried away by the theme sometimes. 

Anyway, it's a dexterity game. On each players turn, they advance their little token which determines which color egg they have to steal. The eggs are in a little bowl laden with an "egg alarm"--an egg on a stick, precariously held up by the balnce of eggs. If that egg alarm falls from the bowl, you lose a turn and all the eggs are returned.

Sounds easy, right? It is, if you have little laser fingers like a three-year-old, and not these fat bratwursts that poke out of my hands. This is a game that automatically sets the difficulty based on how big a person is. The adults who know which egg probably has the least chance of tripping the alarm are the least likely to succeed in plucking it out! My son was playing this when he was two and could grab a green one for the bottom of the bowl with his eyes closed.

Highly recommended for parents with kids in the 3 to 7 age range!


  1. I love that the kids legitimately win. I'm a strong believer in not "letting them win". You, my cruel big brother, taught me the value of that. :)

  2. I fan myself with Monopoly $500's as I nod my head in agreement.