Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb 8 -- Achievements!

One of the more addictive aspects of recent games are "achievements"--little accomplishments within the game that are tracked and awarded to players when they complete certain tasks. PS3 and Xbox 360 come with meta-game environments that allow players to track achievements and compare them, adding a competitive element to achievement collection. I feel like a gaming neophyte compared to some of my gaming buddies--some of them have 40x as many achievements as me. But I believe my achievements are of higher quality

Collecting achievements has become the game for a number of people and our game of the day speaks to them directly.

The whole game is nothing but achieving achievements! And they come fast and furious! You get one for moving left--another for moving right--there's even one for standing still! Or jumping! Or dying! You get an achievement for starting the game and another for loading the game. And of course, achievements for successfully collecting achievements. 

...In the time it's taken me to type this, I collected 15 achievements since I took my screenshot.  

The game's programmer, jmtb02, has a lot of Internet fame for his Hedgehog Launch games (clocking in more than 5 million plays!), but I think his best serious work is This Is The Only Level. Go collect some achievements, marvel at his witticisms, and then head to his other titles for some great quick games. 

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